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Our Sunset trips have quickly become one of the more popular things to do while in Key West.  We offer two different options we like to refer as the classic trip, and the Sandbar Sunset.

The Classic trip involves an informative cruise through the historic seaport as well as a relaxing ocean cruise out by Sunset Key.  You will learn some neat things, hear some funny stories, and of course, see an amazing sunset unobstructed by land.  Watching the sun go down over the ocean is truly a spectacular event.

The Sandbar Sunset has become our most popular option, not surprisingly.   We take you on a relaxing cruise all the way out to some incredible sandbars where you are able to get out an explore the beauty of the sandbar.  Every day is different at the sandbars.  Some days its completely covered with water up to your waist and you can swim or snorkel, or just float and relax while watching the sun come down.  Other times, you are graced with your own private island to search for sea shells and explore all the hidden treasures of nature.

Both of these wonderful options include a unique cheeseboard and complimentary bottle of either wine or Champagne.

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  1. Hello!

    My name isn’t a Kat and my husband birthday is January 22nd. I wanted to book him a private sunset cruise with dinner and was wondering what the total price for two people would be including food. I saw a beautiful picture of a romantic looking dinner for two,which seems perfect. I was also wondering, if you provided wine or alcohol or if we should bring on own bottle.

    Thank you in advance for your help,


    1. Hi Kat, I can supply everything with a 10% sur charge on the cost of the food and beverages. The cost of trip would be $300 plus the food and bev. Just let me know what ideas you are thinking for dinner and I should be able to provide. I checked the tides for that day and we may be able to do this on a private sandbar for the 2 of you.

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