Sunset Cruise




We offer private charter trips that are just you and your invited guests.

A couple of your friends or just your significant other.

Green flash… Is it real or just a glimmer of hope emphasizing the infatuation we all have with the perfect sunset, a deeply held belief that the next time the sun meets the horizon it will be the best one yet?….or maybe, just maybe, it will behold the mystical flash desired to put an exclamation point on the perfect vacation in the keys.  Whatever the case may be, Captain Howie will make your quest the best that it could possibly be. Your vantage point will include comfortable seating, a unique Hors d’oeuvre spread, perfectly chosen cocktail, and sunset specific background music. Whatever color meets the horizon, flash or not, you will definitely have a sunset to remember.

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  1. Hello!

    My name isn’t a Kat and my husband birthday is January 22nd. I wanted to book him a private sunset cruise with dinner and was wondering what the total price for two people would be including food. I saw a beautiful picture of a romantic looking dinner for two,which seems perfect. I was also wondering, if you provided wine or alcohol or if we should bring on own bottle.

    Thank you in advance for your help,


    1. Hi Kat, I can supply everything with a 10% sur charge on the cost of the food and beverages. The cost of trip would be $300 plus the food and bev. Just let me know what ideas you are thinking for dinner and I should be able to provide. I checked the tides for that day and we may be able to do this on a private sandbar for the 2 of you.

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