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A sunset experience like no other.

It all started when a group of five guests came down from Miami for a sunset trip with Make It So. As we were leaving the marina they mentioned that they had come from Miami and were excited for the trip. I casually responded asking where they were staying in Key West after the trip and they said they weren’t. That’s right! They were driving back to Miami after the sunset. WHAT???? was the response in my head. I didn’t want them to sense the panic that had instantly overcome me. Instead my mind frantically began thinking of how I could make this something better than what I had called my “Classic Sunset trip”. After all, these guys had driven at least three and a half hours to go on a two hour sunset trip. It had to be good! My classic trip is definitely good, in fact, I would say one of the best. Very informative, nice cheeseboard presentation, complimentary wine or champagne. A very nice overall experience for sure. But, this situation with these guys had to be at another level. The pressure was intense!

So, just before pushing the throttle to begin the classic trip, I hesitated, and actually stopped the boat. I came around the console to the guests and said, “what if I take you guys to a sandbar where you can get out, swim around, toss a Frisbee, have fun, and then we set the cheeseboard up in the water on a table while we watch the sun go down over the horizon?” They accepted with excitement, and viola, the sandbar sunset trip was born.

All the guests commented on social media how much fun they had and how amazing it was to watch the sun go down while standing waist-high in the ocean. Nothing to interfere with the sun and the horizon. A perfect view of a spectacular event, with some nice snacks and libations.

As time went on, the sandbar sunset quickly became the most popular sunset trip we do. Although some still do prefer the informative, fun, scenic, classic trip, the sandbar sunset is by far our most popular option.

Check out our sunset options on the sunset page, and thanks for reading!




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