Key West Dolphin Watching

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Come on a private boat trip with up to 5 of your friends.

It doesn’t matter how many times you see them.  Every time you see a Dolphin you can’t help but respect these beautiful air breathing mammals.  They glide through the water with a grace that touches you every moment you are lucky enough to be in their presence.

Sometimes they will acknowledge you and give you a rare opportunity to see their playfulness and curiosity.  Other times they let you know that you are only an observer to their amazing world under the surface of the ocean.

In either case it is always a thrilling experience to see them.  Luckily for us in the Keys, they are somewhat predictable in their choice of habitat and we often times get the special treat of observing them in all of their glory.

Make It So Charters has a great track record for finding them and is good at combining Dolphin visits with other fun activities.

Book now and let us know what other fun activities you would like to do on your trip.