It’s Official…Captain Manda has joined our team!

We cannot think of a better way to start the new year than to announce Captain Amanda Scott as officially on our team.  We say officially because she has already brought out a whole bunch of you, and the reviews have been amazing.  Not that this was a surprise to us, but we definitely did want to make sure any new captain would rise to the level of excellence that Make It So always strives for.  Well that she has, and we couldn’t be happier!

Here’s a little more of what we know about her…

Amanda Scott, AKA Captain Manda, has lived and enjoyed being on the waters of Key West for the past 20 years.  She considers the sandbars of the Gulf of Mexico her backyard, where she spends most of her time whether on our charters or during her spare time. She quite literally lives on the water, plays on the water, and works on the water. She loves visiting special locations in our tropical paradise and even more, loves to share with others why she loves it so much!  And of course, she also likes to watch her two dogs and best first mates Mo and Monty enjoy the experience too!   Excited for each day’s adventure, Manda enjoys learning about our precious ecosystem and takes pleasure in sharing her knowledge and educating others about its many unique characteristics and diverse life.

Manda says it never eludes her how beautiful our environment is here, she appreciates it every day.  Other than its beauty, Manda appreciates the uniqueness of the Florida Keys, it’s unity of community and diversity.  “It never gets boring around here”, she commonly says with much enthusiasm.  She attributes that to how eclectic Key West is and that it’s a small town with a big city feel.

Originally from the Pittsburgh area, and a huge Steelers fan, she definitely appreciates the warm tropical temperatures and the lack of snowy overcast days of her childhood.  She says she finally found her bliss by working, living and playing on the waters of Key West.  She is super happy to share her love for it with you on our charters.  She will be sure you have fun, much laughter, and may learn something new too! It’s your day, and she will Make It So.

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