My favorite sandbar is…

A guest recently asked me what my favorite sandbar was and my reflex response was that it depends on the conditions on any given day.  I thought about this response and realized that it is a pretty important consideration that is often taken for granted.  Many times as I leave the dock with my guests and while I am discussing different options to help make their experience the best that it can be, I am also looking at the tides and whether they are coming up or down.  I am checking the winds for the day, how strong, and from what direction?  I am listening to their feedback as to what they are wanting to do on the sandbar.  Float around?  Search for seashells?  I am looking above to see where the clouds are coming from.  Looking at the radar report to see if there is anything in the area.

I’m not trying to sound like it’s incredibly difficult to do, but it had occurred to me recently that it isn’t just about the location.  There is definitely a fair amount of thought that goes into making sure every trip is the best that it can be for my guests.  I have had many situations where the guests comment on how we had sun all day long, and there was sand at a particular sandbar and we didn’t get hit by any storms.  It actually feels really good to hear these comments and simply comment back…”yes, It sure was a great day!”  Thanks for reading!

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